Well this one right here is pretty much just an admission of how shallow you are. Do you care what other people think or not? Right? Its that simple? Wrong.

Its easy for a guy to be like, I’m picking the girl who looks like a smokeshow because I don’t care what everyone else thinks! As long as I go to sleep with a smoke and wake up with a smoke I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks! Yea alright, sure thing you simpleton. While you rest your head at night thinking about how pretty your girlfriend is, the only thing the rest of the world can talk about is why you date such a hog.

Whats the old saying? “No matter how hot a chick is, theres somebody whos tired of fucking her.” Thats because hotness fades in every guy’s eyes and eventually you just don’t care. The first times you’re with her you feel like a rock star and eventually you just stop caring. You know why? Because the “conquest” part is over. Its like winning the championship – its the ultimate pinnacle but its a temporary feeling. Eventually, once its not news that you bagged a smokeshow, you stop caring. Because the part thats really awesome about banging a hot chick is telling your friends the story and everyone knowing about it and talking about it. Walking into a room and she’s turning everyone’s heads. If that fades, its no big deal whether shes hot or not. Thinking that way, I’d rather just be with an ugly girl while the world puts me on some sort of pedestal because they think I landed a smokeshow. Almost like the Tom Brady treatment – Oh KFC really fucked up but he has a hot wife! Not really bitches shes magically ugly but all that matters is that you guys think she is! Perception is reality motherfuckers!

Vote 1 for I’ll date the ugly girl who everyone thinks is hot Vote 10 for I’ll be a social pariah and date the girl the whole world thinks is ugly even though she’s secretly pretty in my eyes

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