I guess it was bound to happen. When the last time a team beat you on their own turf was 34 years ago, it’s fair to say the Falcons were due. Big time statement game for them, another head-scratcher from Big Blue. It was a complete team effort though, so there’s that. Everybody sucked. From the very first play when David Wilson ran out a kick he shouldn’t have, to Eli’s terrible picks, to inexplicable excuses for tackling, to Jayron Hosley getting lit up, to Killdrive, to zero QB pressure…it was certainly an “All In” type of game. With the Redskins’ W all but certain, the champs will fall to second place & could be out of a playoff spot by day’s end.

So this is where all Giants’ fans remind everyone what Big Blue did in the Wild Card round last year…and hopefully they actually make it. Besides probably having to win out, we’re all big time Eagles fans next week. As for the late games, it’s all about the Bills over Seattle and, of course, Big Ben Rapelisberger. I hope you’re happy, G-Men. Now we gotta support rape.