No, Clancy, losing to a division rival IS a big deal. Mind your own business, you got your own shitstorm starting up in a couple days to tend to. While I’m not going to say the Giants DESERVED to win, they easily could have. David “Crybaby” Wilson’s fumblitis will either be cured or relegated to the bench. Victor Cruz will wipe the salsa from his hands and not drop 3 balls Jim Abbott could’ve caught with his one arm every game. The illegal tackle on Boley keeping him out of the end zone followed by the uncalled blatant hold/PI on Cruz at the goal line were breaks that didn’t go Big Blue’s way. Dallas did their best to give the G-Men the W with a shit ton of terribly timed penalties, but a 1st-and-30 Austin score & the nail in the coffin on 3rd-and-10 by Kevin Ogletree were huge opportunities missed. No excuses though – Coughlin’s squad looked rusty, lazy and maybe caught up in their own hype. As he put it, “There won’t be any more blowing smoke up their rear ends.”

The bright side? Well, when it’s not Murray, Austin, Bryant or Witten running amok and it’s Kevin fucking Ogletree who beats you, what can you do? Nobody game-plans for Kevin Ogletree. He just took advantage of a secondary that resembles the same sieve who finished near the bottom of the league last year. Giants made him look like Megatron – but that’s nothing new. Neither is their inability to run the ball (dead last in 2011). No, that’s certainly not a reliable recipe for a return to Titletown, but in fairness there’s a bunch of SB XLVI rings proving it works. Romo played well, but Cris Colinsworth can relax with the “this might be Romo’s best game of his career” bullshit. He averaged 300 & 3 TD against the G-Men last season, so last night’s game was par for the course. All in all, it genuinely looked like a sloppy version of the 2011 NYG. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s no “new” problems.

The hype is over now. Squeaking out an undeserving win would’ve just been a cover-up. A home loss to your biggest rival during your Super Bowl party will make sure that doesn’t happen. There’s 10 days to figure out that the season actually started before a weak Tampa Bay team comes to town. 10 days to remember that their new banner isn’t there because they coasted, but because they played balls-out & seized every possible opportunity during their run. As a fan, I’m not happy – but I’m not panicking either. Yet. Drop a Week 2 gimmie against the Bucs & then we got problems.