Well. She wasn’t lying was she?

GothamistYesterday, Harlem resident Minhee Cho tweeted her Papa John’s receipt from Friday night in which she was referred to by a racist term, writing, “Hey @PapaJohns just FYI my name isn’t ‘lady chinky eyes.’” Papa John’s has since apologized profusely on Twitter and Facebook, and have fired the 16-year-old high school girl who wrote it. But some employees still think the whole incident was blown way out of proportion: “I think the lady put it out there just to get some attention—some people like that type of attention,” a manager named Jerome told the Post. “I truly don’t think it’s fair. It’s been taking up all our time. It’s been very disruptive.”

Hey Minchee Cho the way I see things, there are two possible outcomes here. 1) Papa John’s cashier calls you Lady Chinky Eyes, completes your transaction, gets you the right pizza, and you go home happy and enjoy your mean. Or 2) The Papa John’s cashier goes with some generic description of you like “Lady with the black hair” and you have a 50/50 shot of getting the right pizza. Open up that box and instead of a pepperoni pie you have one of those fuckign ridiculous Hawaiian pizzas that has pineapples and ham and shit. You probably snap a picture of that and post on twitter saying “Hey @papajohns FYI you gave me the wrong fucking pizza and ruined my dinner.” Which do you want?

You can call me “Dumb drunk Mick” or “Double Chin Pale Man” for all I care. Just make sure I get my pizza. Do what you gotta do, Papa John’s cashier.