Motherfuckin Walter White. Unbelievable. Click after the jump for “Say My Name” discussion complete with spoilers.

And thats it, folks. Not only did Mike die last night, but so did Walter White. Aside from a shred of remorse at the end, its clear Heisenberg has taken over. The opening scene, which may have been the best in the long line of opening snippets from this show, set the tone. The egomaniac Heisenberg, without any sort of goofy hat or sunglasses, had arrived. What used to be a alter ego Walter awkwardly pretended to be, like a kid dressing up for Halloween, had officially become reality. Standing in the desert with no fear demanding his competition say his name. The diva getting his rocks off any time someone mentions Heisenberg like fucking Beyonce.

Clearly thats what its all about for Walter at this point. The glory and the respect he feels he deserves. Thats why he ended up shooting Mike. It wasn’t about the methylamine or legacy costs or the names of the 9 men – Mike insulted him with his rant about how he should have played his role. Insults him by saying Fring’s system was perfect. Its his pride and ego that leads to a cold blooded murder. And from that, there’s no turning back. He’s the anti-Fring. He’s all about notoriety and the image. It will obviously eventually be his downfall.

Hate to see Mike go. One of my favorite characters in television history. As much as it sucks that we don’t get him every week now, I love the fact that Vince Gilligan and Breaking Bad isn’t afraid to kill characters off. Fring and Mike were two of the best TV characters ever, with probably 2 of the shortest lived careers. I also loved the way he went out. Holding his gun in his hand, able to shoot Walter if he wanted to, and just choosing to die in peace. Mike just wanted a peaceful life with his granddaughter, and as much as I would have loved to see him waste Walter, it was kind of a fitting ending for Mike Ehrmantraut.

The person I’m sick of the most right now is Jesse. He’s reverted back to being a total bitch. Getting rolled on by “Mr. White.” Every other scene is Walt manipulating him by calling him a junkie and saying he’s being inconsiderate. Todd is shitting all over him and he hasn’t done a thing. Wheres the Jesse that was completely fearless of Mike and Gus after he had to kill Gail? Wheres the Jesse that went down to Mexico and embarrassed the chemist in front of the whole cartel? I want that Jesse back.  If Gus and Mike and everyone else who’s ever died is any indication, the only way you get “out” of Walter’s meth game is in a body bag. I can’t wait for Jesse to realize that and stand up for himself again.

PS – I still hate Skyler, and this prevailing theory thats buzzing about her and Jesse teaming up would be so goddam gay.