Short List- While we’re still scratching our heads over the actual point of this latest invention, we’re also rabidly curious. The rather uncomfortably titled WA|HH Quantum Sensations spray will get you automatically drunk once it’s been sprayed in your mouth and it will only last for a few seconds. Once it’s gone, you’ll be able to pass a breathalyser with flying colours. Each time you spray it in your confused mouth, you’ll be getting 0.075 mililetres of alcohol. It’s created by a French American scientist called David Edwards who claims that the specially designed spray mechanism ensures that the effect is instantaneous. The device itself was designed, and modelled above, by Philippe Starck. He’s also invented other sprays which allow you to taste various foods or drinks without actually eating them.

Getting drunk is such a fuckin hassle for me these days. Either its like 12 beers and I feel full as fuck and keep growing a gut, or its fancy shit like wine and liquor that dents my wallet. Also, if you recall, I’ve been having severe allergic reactions to alcohol recently. Started back in January and its probably happened like 6 times since then. So I’m all for a new way to get drunk. I’m not some frat boy who needs to prove I’m cool by chugging beers and drinking whiskey. I just wanna get my buzz on as easy as possible. No gut, not expensive, no allergies – just getting drunk work free. Problem obviously is that it only lasts for a few seconds.

But I think this is a step in the right direction for lazy drunks like me. First off its new technology thats only gonna get better. This is like the first edition of Drunk Spray. Eventually they’ll figure this out. Secondly, there has gotta be a way to consume massive amounts of this all at once and been drunk for longer than a few seconds. Almost like the funnel with beer. Maybe spray like a hundred of them at once and hot box your car with Drunk Spray. And thirdly – if you were to take a hit of the spray, then rip a shot, hit of the spray, then rip a shot, you’d be fully drunk in no time. Don’t have to take any shots sober and you don’t have to pace yourself at all really. Just spray and shoot back to back to back to back and you’re good to go. We’re on our way folks. We’re on our way to being able to get instantly fucked up with minimal work.

I guess getting fucked up with minimal work is just called doing drugs right? I’m just such a square I only stick to the booze though.

PS – Sign me up for some of that spray that makes you taste food though. I’ll suck down some air donuts before I go to bed every night and look like a fuckin supermodel by summertime