So this is the hot new Twitter account. Every time someone makes one of these I want to kick myself for not coming up with it. Its been around for like 18 hours and has 10,000 followers. So simple yet so brilliant. Really makes you think about how funny Seinfeld today would be. The amount of shit that could have been episode topics that came up after 1998 is staggering. I mean Seinfeld never even really had an episode about the internet. You know how many episodes Jerry, George Kramar and Elaine could make based on that alone? Seinfeld can never be replicated or recreated but reading through these tweets you’re seeing some shit that could be absolutely hilarious TV.

I always think about Dave Chappelle when something noteworthy happens in the world too. Can you imagine if Chappelle was still around during the Obama days? You know how funny he’d be with Mitt Romney? The Tiger Woods scandal. All that shit would have been ridiculous material for Chappelle. Just a shame that we lost his fucking mind and disappeared forever. He’s like the Bo Jackson of comedians – career cut so short.