I’ve narrowed down my choices to 2 – Heisenberg or Mike. Now originally I was just gonna be a Replacement Ref. At the time when they started to become the topic of national controversy, it was perfect. Easy, cheap costume that everyone would know. But I’m warning you folks – anyone who’s planning on doing this is gonna be sorely disappointed. The Replacement Ref is this year’s Chilean Miner from a few years ago. Everyone thought it was such a timely, original idea and then they walked in the party and realized 800 people were wearing the same thing.

Once that was out the window I went back to basics – Breaking Bad and WFAN. Personally I’m leaning towards Heisenberg. I don’t think anybody would know who I was if I was Francesa. And there is nothing, and I mean nothing, worse than thinking you have a great costume and spending the entire night having to explain who you are. Honestly I’d rather just kill myself on the spot then have to humiliate myself by explaining my costume all night at Saloon. I could make myself fat, drink Diet Coke, wear those glasses and headphones. But nobody would know that. Certainly not chicks. So I’m leaning towards Heisenberg. Gimme a vote.

Vote 1 for Walter White Vote 10 for Francesa

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Whatever I decide, I’ll be front and center at Saloon next Saturday for our 3rd Annual Halloween Bash. Even before Barstool New York existed, Saloon ran the best Halloween costume party on the Upper East Side. They’ve got the biggest bar, best music, and most space to host a party of this magnitude. Saloon is offering $500 for the girl with the sexiest costume and Barstool is gonna provide 2 free tickets to the Blackout of their choice. Which means 1 lucky girl that night is walking out of there with cash and tickets to the best party in the country – and every lucky dude that night gets to watch a parade of sexy chicks compete against one another for best costume. Everyone wins.

Where: Saloon 84th and York

When: Saturday, October 27th

How Much: 40 bucks, open bar from 9pm to 12am or 10pm to 1am. Includes ALL beers, ALL wine, and premium liquors like Kettle One and Jack Daniels. 2 rooms, 3 full bars, a million bartenders.

Extras: $500 prize, 2 free Blackout Tickets for the sexiest costume.

**Get there early. You try to come to this party at like 11 and you’re gonna be on line all night**