So for those of you who don’t know, after all the hoopla with how much the Bus Monitor bitch made with her fundraiser page, the Stoolies set up a $250,000 fundraiser for me help ease the pain of all the hateful commenters on Barstool New York. A retirement fund of sorts. It got shut down after a day because the web service thought it was a hoax but the creator of the campaign got it running live again once he emailed them to assure them my life is pathetic enough that I am a charity case.

Well I got an email today from the creator of this campaign asking what to do with the money.

from:     Brendan
to:     Kevin Clancy <>
date:     Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 1:33 PM

What should I do with the money when this thing ends? Mail you a check? Donate it to some cripples?

Now, because I’m not a fucking asshole like Bus Monitor Bitch, and I appreciate the fact that anybody out there would just give me money, I pose the question to Stoolie Nation. What should I do with my fundraiser money? Right now we’re at a cool $69 bucks, just a tad short of our $250,000 goal. But the fundraiser is still live so who knows where it might end up. Might get all the way to 70 or 71 bucks. But like I said, I appreciate the value of a dollar and want to make sure I put this chedder to good use.

So have at it – comment, email me at, tweet me @KFCBarstool with all your best ideas. Should I donate it to blindos to make up for my bad karma? Should I blow it all on donuts and film myself trying to eat 70 bucks worth of Entennmans? Go right to the strip club and get like 1 beer and 2 dances and be done with it in a matter of 3 minutes? Leave some suggestions as to what I should do with my donations.