So amidst all the chaos going on last night at Casa Manzo with the Yankee game, the hockey game, I had to call the cops on the neighborhood children again, this time for lighting firecrackers at 8:45 pm, I still managed to catch South Park on DVR around midnight.   Now in my view, South Park is kind of a litmus test you can use on people.  If you don’t appreciate South Park, then you don’t appreciate life.  It’s that simple.  I’d put it right up there with Seinfeld, Curb and The Office although probably better because it’s a far riskier, edgier and at times, political show.  Anyway, last night was the most depressing episode of all time.  Just shocking.   It was like the Soprano finale all over again.  When it ended I kept waiting for something else to happen and it just went to the credits.  (SPOILER ALERT)  Stan’s parents get divorced?  Cartman and Kyle are friends?  Huh?  What happened to “Steamy” Nicks and “Steamy” Ray Vaughn?   Now people are saying on the Internets that was the last episode?  Impossible.  It can’t be.  This season has been great so far, way better than last year with 9 episodes of “The Coon”.  My take is that it either really was the last episode or they’re going to advance the plot in the coming weeks continuing with the ending from last night.   I have no idea what’s going on but that was as dark and as depressing a comedy show as you’ll ever see in your life.