House Of Heckle:

Rangers – You still kind of dress like it’s 1994. That means wearing a t-shirt tucked into your Lee jeans, with fresh white New Balance sneakers on, and a cell phone holster on your hip (would have been a beeper in 94). You also have a moustache, and yell SHOOOOOTTT!!! regardless of whether or not the Rangers have the puck. If this isn’t a description of you, go take a good look at your dad.

House of Heckle: New Jersey: You paint your face red, and listen to Bruce Springsteen to get yourself pumped up before a game. You think Martin Brodeur should win the Vezina regardless of how his year goes. Also, you get mad when people stereotype New Jersey-ans, but your response usually validates all of the stereotyping.

When I say those two descriptions of the Rangers and Devils fans absolutely nailed it, I mean they absolutely nailed it.

~ Thanks to Matt and House of Heckle