Poor fuckin Rick. He is not fuuckin amused. Dude looks like he was about to blow a gasket. He’s probably a lifelong Wheel fan, finally gets his shot on the show, and he’s gotta deal with this son of a bitch cheater genius. Just confused as fuck staring at everyone from Vanna to the producers waiting for someone to call bullshit on this whole operation and out this broad for cheating somehow. And it was all right after he leads off the puzzle with “R” and there aren’t any. Thats the fuckin worst. If I ever said “R” and Pat was like “nope, sorry” I’d probably lose my mind right on stage. I’d definitely yell “motherfucker!” at the very least. And then if the next bitch solved the puzzle with just one goddam L up there you can bet your bottom dollar I’d get violent. “You had a good feeling about it” ha ha ha thats so funny because thats also what the puzzle said ha ha ha FUCK YOU CAITLIN KEEP CLAPPING, KEEP CLAPPING.

PS – Caitlin, call me you sexy little minx. We can do a nice little night at my apartment – 6:30 Cash Cab, 7:00pm Jeopardy, 7:30 Wheel.