Welp time to countdown to the 2013 Draft. Geno Smith, perhaps? I’d say maybe Matt Barkley but now that its apparent Mark Sanchez is the worst quarterback in the league I don’t want another USC disaster on our hands. Maybe draft a wide receiver considering Tim Tebow is lining up as a wide out getting hit in the back of the head. Perhaps an offensive lineman that doesn’t completely suck. Or a linebacker that isn’t old and mediocre. Probably could use a new corner because Revis will end up elsewhere after the Jets decide to play hardball with his negotiations since he’s damaged goods now. A running back that doesn’t average 2.0 yards a carry could also be helpful.

Can you draft a new head coach? Is that allowed? Because a defensive minded coach that has groomed the worst tackling team in the league, the worst run defense in the league and allowing the most points in the league probably isn’t getting the job done. Guess none of it matters when the man making the picks spent his offseason orchestrating a trade that was an elaborate PR scheme instead of focusing on football.

Bottom line is, now with Revis out, this team is in the bottom of the league in nearly every category, position, statistic, you name it. The Mark Sanchez Experiment is over. The Tim Tebow Experiment is such a shitty experiment it never even started. And if The Rex Ryan Experiment is gonna include a defense playing this shitty, then that one has gotta come to an end too. Cuncel everyone.