So last nite on Twitter me and the Stoolies got into a big ass argument over what defines “Upstate New York.” Fucking heated fighting like Skip Bayless and Jalen Rose or some shit. Its hilarious. Nobody from New York wants to be considered as a part of Upstate. They avoid it like the fucking plague. Its completely irrational. Its on the same level as people getting passionate and defending their cellphones. People get downright offended if you say they are from Upstate New York.

And whats hilarious is everyone has their own line of demarcation that is completely fabricated.

And my personal favorite:

Van Cortlandt Park? 125th Street? Yonkers? White Plains? Cell phone towers disguised as trees? Everyone just pulling random shit out of there “I live in New York” asshole. Bottom line is its all relative to the person and where they live. Because like I said people will say whatever it takes to prove they aren’t Upstate. The person from Rockland County will say Orange or Putnam. The person from Westchester will say Rockland County. The person from the Bronx will say Westchester. The person on fucking 16th street will say 17th street is upstate.

Now I’m from Southern Westchester. The very first suburb outside the city. I border the Bronx so there’s no way I’m saying I’m Upstate. But does that exclude all of Westchester from being upstate? Some of those towns in the northern 914 are pretty fuckin upstate-ish. I actually like Brian May’s marker of the cell phone tower disguised as a tree. But the Westchester Mall and places like that are further north of that so I can’t consider that Upstate. I dunno. Northern Westchester and Rockland County border each other. I say anything in that region is Upstate.