RIVERSIDE (CBS) A 17-year-old student at King High School in Riverside has returned a $1,000 scholarship intended for black students because he is white. Jeffrey Warren and his father Rod returned the scholarship from the Martin Luther King Senior Citizens Club the night the teen was announced as the winner of the African-American student scholarship, according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise. Jeffrey, who has a 4.25 cumulative grade-point average, applied for 27 scholarships and won three others in addition to the award from the Martin Luther King Senior Citizens Club, which only specified that African Americans were “encouraged to apply,” the newspaper reported. School counselors were informed that the scholarship was for black students. The club intends to change the language on next year’s application to clarify who is eligible, according to the Press-Enterprise. The returned scholarship was later awarded to an African-American girl at King High School. Jeffrey plans to take his scholarships – two for $2,000 and another for $500 – to San Diego State University in the fall, where he will double major in English and business, the paper reported.

I dont care if its the MLK Club or the Mahatma Gandhi Club or the Jackie Chan Club, if someone wants to throw me a thousand bucks I am taking it and running with it. I don’t give a shit that I’m some spoiled honkey. Maybe it was MLK’s dream that one day some black kid scholarship would go to a ghostface. Right? I mean that would truly be breaking down all sorts of racial barriers. Who knows?

So no, I don’t have any problem with a white kid winning the black scholarship. What I do have a problem with is this white kid being the biggest fucking tool bag in the whole goddam world. I have a steadfast rule that anyone with a GPA over 4.0 is a true, blue asshole. If you get straight A’s, good for you. If you run around town knowing that technically your GPA is a 4.25 because of honors classes and shit, you’re a dick. Secondly, applied for 27 scholarships? You better be broke as fuck bro. Otherwise casting out 27 different lines asking for people to pay for your shit, including the poor black kid group, is just a real asshole move.