I’m not a math major, but I’m pretty sure if you’ve been playing in our Fan Duel tournaments since week 1, you would have already amassed upwards of $500 million by now. Why waste your money on some random drawing when you can just make a fortune week in and week out playing Fan Duel with all the Stoolies and bloggers from the Barstool Network?

This week is the largest tournament we’ve ever done. I know I say that almost every week so it sounds redundant. But these guys just keep upping the ante. Its a 444 person tournament. $50 buy in. $20,000 in prizes. 1st $4,000, 2nd $2,500, 3rd $2,000. Full pay out as follows:

You can enter up to 3 different teams too. So drop 150, make three different lineups and cover your bases and you’re almost guaranteed to have one of them land in the top 30 and you at least make your money back. Basically free cash. Better than blowing 50 bucks on Powerball tickets. CLICK HERE TO JOIN