So first instinct is to say Titanic sinking right? I mean the incident killed over 1,500 people. But then again, what would Boston’s culture be like without Fenway park? Yawkey Way, the word “Wicked,” Ben Affleck- it all somehow goes back to the existence of Fenway Park. Yeah, but… the Titanic killed over 1,500 people. This isn’t George Costanza’s Andrea Doria with 46 measly casualties we’re talking about here. This is like the entire bleachers section of Yankee Stadium just getting wiped off the face of the earth. Tough call.

Anyway, today is the first game of the season between the Yankees and the Red Sox. Some nice throwback uniforms to celebrate the occasion. I really hope Granderson dons the throwbacks all season long. He just looks like a player from the 1920′s. I think it’s the way he wears his socks, but every time he does that weird, torso bent over run around the bases, I can’t help but picture one of those sped up, black and white clips of Gehrig busting it out of the box. But the guy is coming off a 5 hit, 3 home run night. He could wear a fucking Montreal Expos uniform and get away with it right now. Curtis, so hot right now. Curtis. Clay Buchholz vs. Ivan Nova today- should be a good one to kick off the series. Let’s get it done, boys.

P.S.- How much of a bitch was Rose?

Jack got off easy if you ask me. You know that marriage would have been night after night of Rose selfishly star-fishing the bed and hogging all the covers.