New Jersey Newsroom- Jackson, whose Hall of Fame baseball career has generated as much controversy as it has included greatness, set off a firestorm with remarks he made in a Sports Illustrated article — dissing, among others, current Yankee Alex Rodriguez and former Met star catcher Gary Carter. According to ESPN, Jackson said that his “very good friend” Rodriguez is no shoo-in to make the Hall despite his 642 career homers because “what he admitted about his (steroid) usage does cloud some of his records.” A-Rod’s response? “With friends like that,” he said on Thursday, “who needs enemies?” Jackson also said that he “didn’t see” Carter, who was inducted at Cooperstown in 2003 but died from brain cancer this past winter, “as a Hall of Famer.” Reggie has been ducking bean balls since the article came out. ”He’s trying to rectify everything,” said Yankee manager Joe Girardi. Jackson apologized to Rodriguez and the Yankee organization, and the New York Post reported that he was trying to reach out to Carter’s widow, Sandy. “I am very disappointed [the Carter comments are] out there and I am embarrassed,’’ Jackson told the Post’s George A. King III. “I have a number for his wife and I want to talk to her and the family. That needs to be noted. I am calling to apologize for inappropriate comments while I was talking to friends.’’

Why is this news? Why is Reggie Jackson BANNED from being around the Yankees for the time being? Totally inappropriate. It’s lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous! So he and A Rod are friends… so what. This is Reggie Jackson we’re talking about- perhaps the most outspoken Yankee in recent history. You can’t pick and choose when you want Reggie to speak up or shut up. When Reggie wants to say something, Reggie say something. I’m sure he and Alex get along great, but Reggie shares the opinion of millions of other Americans and about 95% of people on this site, as well. The majority of people are adamantly against steroid users making it to the Hall of Fame.

I understand that the comments about the late Gary Carter were made with unfortunate timing, but if there’s one thing I learned from Larry David, it’s to not let a person’s condition cloud your opinion of them. If a handicapped guy cuts you off, you yell at him like he has the strongest legs in the game. If you feel that a catcher who recently passed away isn’t Hall of Fame worthy, why not say it? It’s not gonna make him any less dead. Not to steal Prez’s mantra, but the pussification of America is reaching a boiling point. Reggie Jackson has no filter, and that’s why we like him. So let’s get past this “news” and remember Mr. October for the right reasons- his magical 3 home run night and his Oscar worthy performance in Baseketball.