NY PostOccupy Wall Street’s call for May Day mayhem largely fizzled yesterday — but at least provided a good laugh for hardworking people gazing from their office windows at the demonstrators’ antics as cops took a few dozen into custody. “How can anyone take them seriously? They look like homeless people,” quipped Financial District bartender Kimberly Leo. “I saw one woman complaining about not having a job, but she had a shirt with the word “nympho” on it,” Leo, 26, said. “These people need a change of wardrobe and a shower.”  The daylong demonstrations featured several thousand protesters doing little more than snarling traffic in sporadic gatherings around the city. More than 50 of them had been arrested by last night after a handful of clashes with the police armies that flooded the streets. The biggest flare-up came at around 2 p.m., when 100 protesters with black bandanas over their faces sprinted north from Sara Roosevelt Park on the Lower East Side while knocking over trash cans and banging on cars. They had a giant sign that read, “F–k the police.” Elliot Epstein, 19, allegedly bit NYPD Chief Thomas Galati during a scrum on Sixth Avenue and Waverly Place in Greenwich Village. “[He] fled from an arresting officer, knocked over a scooter cop, and fought with a lieutenant who tried to stop the perp,” a police source said. After biting Galati, he “then began spitting on Chief Galati and the lieutenant,” the source said. He was hit with a slew of charges including assaulting a police officer.

Well looks like May Day was a huge success for Occupy Wall Street. As long as they consider vandalizing cars, spitting on cops, and inconveniencing people trying to earn money to support their families a success. I love the first dude in this video who absolutely hits the nail on the head: “None of the problems that we were protesting to begin with have been addressed or solved in any way.” Nailed it! Who would have thought that dancing in circles all day and worrying about where people are going to shit in a park wouldn’t do anything to solves the socioeconomic disparity in this country!

And then he’s followed up by his protester buddy who couldn’t be more wrong: “I think we’re transitioning from hype around a novel social movement into actual organizing.” That is literally the exact opposite of whats happening. In the beginning last September the people at Zuccotti Park had people actually talking about the real issues behind Occupy Wall Street. The media and News were actually talking about the message they were promoting. Now that original crew of die hard activists has just been overtaken by a mess of unemployed people doing whatever the fuck they want. Some people protesting about student loans. Others protesting about unemployment. Some people just showing up at the park to do drugs, have sex and score a free meal. Some people I legitimately think just go there to dance and play drums. Some people who just want to jump on a social bandwagon and curse at police officers and cause a scene. Like take this guy from yesterday for instance:

What the fuck does this dude with a huge dick and a crucifix have to do with the Occupy Wall Street protest? Its just a complete fucking mess. And I bet the original OWS founders know that too. Must kill them to see all these degenerates ruin what they intended to be a legitimate social movement. And don’t tell me these are just people going to extremes to be heard and address the real issues. Bullshit. This thing has spiraled out of control and the longer it goes on, the less effective its gonna be.

PS – These guys crack me up:

UPDATE: Yea! This is what peaceful protests and progressive social movements are all about!