I got a dilemma… I have always been a die hard Mets and Jets fan and an apathetic Knicks fan. When the Nets move into my City can I switch allegiances and start all over with the Nets. Below are my reasons for leaving let me know what you think

1) A team is moving into the city I’ve lived in my whole life I should be able to become a fan of them.

2) Jay Z and Proko are going to be much better owners than the Dolans.

3) I live in the upper east side and can get to Atlantic Ave on the 4 train faster than I can get to MSG.

4) All black everything

5) I really want all of my favorite teams to rhyme.


The Nets are one trade away from being a far superior team than the Knicks with a bright future of new superstars and new ownership that’s hungry to win. Even if they don’t land Dwight Howard, they’re probably still a better team. They have a billionaire and a pop culture icon building a new New York franchise that has more buzz about them overnight than any team in the league. Meanwhile the Knicks are yet again a capped out disaster turning to the likes of Jason Kidd and Marcus fucking Camby to try to turn them into a contender. Its old versus new. Hot and fresh versus old and boring. Asshole Jim Dolan vs. Maniac Russian Proko. Jay Z vs. Spike Lee.

I don’t think many Knicks fans would actually jump ship and become Nets fans because they are a better fan base than that. But the last 12 years of ineptitude from the Knicks have created a lot of fans like Alex here. Apathetic is the best word for it. Guys who are a bit younger and weren’t around for the glory days of the Knicks and feel no allegiance towards Dolan and the piece of shit teams he’s churned out. The Joe Benigno’s of the world aren’t giving up on this franchise for anything in the world. But for the younger fan who has never really cared about the NBA or known nothing other than the Isaiah Thomas-esque Knicks, I think picking up the Nets are gonna be a seriously attractive option.

Couple years back when the Nets looked like they could have potentially landed Lebron and the number 1 pick I blogged saying I was becoming a Nets fan. But that was more from a blogger perspective, thinking the Knicks were going to be bad for the foreseeable future and the Nets could possibly rise to prominence and would need to be blogged about. But with a slight return to relevance and the excitement of Linsanity the Knicks at least were able to rope back in apathetic fans like myself. And at my age I’ve got enough fond memories of 4 point plays and Knicks-Heat, Knicks Pacers, Knicks Bulls rivalries to keep me loyal. But while I won’t be lured away  I by the Brooklyn Nets, I promise you I’ll be jealous as shit of the excitement surrounding them.