Remember that blog a couple weeks back that said all the women of New York City are fleeing Manhattan and commuting up to the suburbs and Connecticut to look for guys to hook up with? Well thats because all of our apartments look like this. When you bring a girl home and your “bachelor pad” looks more like a freshman year dorm room, it doesn’t exactly set the mood.

MyClean is an in home cleaning service that wants to make sure single dudes in New York still get laid. They’re offering Stoolies a chance to win the Ultimate Bachelor Pad Prize Package. All you gotta do is “Like” them on facebook and/or follow them on twitter and you’re automatically entered for a chance to win a complete makeover of your apartment. The package is LEGIT. It  includes:

- A free “Deep Clean” of your apartment which includes cleaning inside the fridge, inside the oven, and inside all your cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom. I didn’t even know that stuff needed to be cleaned.

- 80 rolls of toilet paper. I absolutely hate paying for toilet paper. Its easily the worst expenditure in the world. Paying money for something that brings you zero pleasure. MyClean is basically offering a year’s worth of TP

- Free set of 500 count thread sheets. You know how much 500 thread count sheets cost? Like 500 thousand dollars. When I first got an apartment I had no idea what thread count was. I bought the cheapest sheets possible. It was like I was sleeping on tissue paper. Chicks definitely appreciate thread count.

- Free case of beer, 2 bottles of SkinnyGirl margarita – Booze for your bros and your hos.

- Scented candles – It might sound corny, but chicks love candles. Its like you only see it in movies so when you do it in real life they think they’re in the Notebook.

Additional prizes – Set of picture frames, massive indoor plant, toothbrushes, free cooking lesson, and a free consultation with professional interior designer Annie Mistak on how to redesign your entire apartment.

Again, all you gotta do is Like MyClean on facebook and follow them on Twitter. The winner will be chosen at random from all their fans on each network.

Also, in case you aren’t the lucky winner, MyClean is offering 20% off for you first time cleaning. All you gotta do is click here and use the promo code “MyClean2012.” Step your game up, fellas. Don’t want some dude in Connecticut with a clean apartment stealing away our women.