Ahh the classic “I know what it means but why don’t you tell me so I know that you know what it means.” Technique thats old as time itself. Thats how I learned what a condom was. I was in first grade and my buddy the Big Weez was saying something about condoms and he turned to me and was like “You know what a condom is right?” I was like Pshhhh of course I do but I bet you don’t. He goes “its like a bag that you put on your dick.” Of course I respond with “Yea, duh. Idiot.” and immediately in my head I was like “Why the fuck would you ever need to put a bag on your dick??”

Its a lot like the people who say I’m crazy for thinking Trout is the MVP and then I ask them to explain why it should be Cabrera and they just keep yelling “Triple Crown!” Yea I know he won the triple crown but that doesn’t mean you automatically win MVP. Why should he win MVP?

“Just study it out.”