DM- It is a country known for its unique way of advertising. But now Japan has gone one step further with women renting out their bare legs for companies market their products in return for payment. With the notion that a good advertisement should be put where everyone’s eyes are drawn, an attractive woman’s limbs seem like the perfect idea – and sure enough, the clever marketing strategy is proving a huge hit with businesses all across Tokyo. As of November 2012, about 1,300 girls have already registered their legs as ad space with Absolute Territory PR, and the number keeps increasing. Participating women get their legs stamped with an ad and go on with their usual life – albeit wearing a short skirt or shorts and showing off their pins as much as possible. As long as the ad is showing on their legs for eight hours a day or more, their job is done, and they are paid a part of the advertising fee.


I feel like I’ve heard of this being done before, but it looks like it’s getting pretty mainstream in Japan. That’s because Japan is the perfect culture for it. Dudes over there are such weird horny perverts that they’ll do or buy anything a chick tells them as long as there’s an iota of a chance that the girl will get sexual with them. They’ll be like well maybe if I buy the product she’s advertising she’ll let me stick eels in her ass, which I’ve come to understand is a fairly common practice in their country. Basically this whole idea hinges on the sexual subconscious of creepy Japanese men. They’re already staring at young girls, playing out a rape fantasy in their head involving some variety of sea life. Now they see an advertisement on their leg and guess what pops up in their fantasy next time? Yup, that very same ad. They start imagining the usual weird sex scenarios but this time they have the urge to buy a Hyundai or whatever. Psychology 101.

PS – I only assume they’re imagining a rape fantasy because every Japanese porn I’ve ever seen seemed like a rape fantasy.

PPS – I would 100% rent out ad space on my body. Not even joking. Preferably not on the face, but for the right price I’ll play ball. I’ve been wanting to get another tattoo so if you’re looking to advertise on a semi-active 24 year old canvas then hit me up.