Bloomberg broad: Now what is a bigger priority right now, a winning season from the Jets or a winning election for Mitt Romney?

Woody: I think you always have to put country first, so I think it’s very, very important that, not only for us, but in particular for our kids and grandkids that this election come off with Mitt Romeny and Ryan as president and vice president.

Paul Ryan over Rex Ryan. Its just like headlines over wins. Not a surprising statement from Woody Johnson. I’m not gonna pounce on this guy the way the rest of the anti-Jets world will. I think Woody is about to be the most criticized dude who ever said putting your country first is the most important. But at the same time we know what Woody means when he says “putting his country first.” He’s putting his wallet first. He’s putting his tax cuts first. We’re not talking about American ideals and democratic morals and the future of our youth. We’re talking about a rich dude worried about his money. Worried more about his money than his football team.

Best part is, you can tell mid answer that hes like “Fuccck I shouldn’t be saying this.” You can basically hear it in his voice and see it in his face as he’s answering Romney is more important than the Jets that he knows he fucked up. Its just such an easy question to dodge too. So easy to be like “Well my number one focus is always my team and my fans but I’m confident the American people will make the right choice.” Done. Bingo bango. I’m an idiot blogger and I could have handled that better than this billionaire. But hey! More headlines! Right Woody?