TheGrindA reporter for Moto Journal, a French publication, is becoming famous for all the wrong reasons. The motorcycle journalist, named Lolo, not only crashed his Yamaha while being videotaped during a waterfront ride, he tumbled off a dock and landed in a sailboat 10-15 feet below. Presumably, only his pride was injured because Moto Journal went public with the incident by posting the accompanying video, perhaps assuming (correctly) that it’d go viral.  Writes Asphalt and Rubber: “You have to give the folks at Moto Journal some credit for having some good humor and posting this video up to YouTube. No doubt, they will be the brunt of every other motorcycle publication’s joke for the next week.”

This dude probably had to go back to the clubhouse and turn in his patch. Probably had one of the members of the MC blackout all his ink. Fuck, if I was the President of his chapter I’d consider having him meet Mr. Mayhem. You know how bad that looks for the club? Cruising around with those saddlebags like a grandpa driving off cliffs? How the fuck are you supposed to run guns or mule drugs if you can’t even go for a little waterfront ride? Rival clubs and publications would lose all respect for you.

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale tonight. Does Jax get what he’s wanted all this time after learning the truth about his father? Does Jax give Damon Pope what he wants? Will the guy from Grounded For Life get revenge for his sister? So many questions. 90 minutes of mayhem to answer them tonight.