Inspired by the world going Breaking Bad crazy, I’m catching up on the series. As I hit the middle of season 4, one question has prevailed throughout the entire process. “Jake,” I ask myself, “Would you fuck Skyler?” She’s not that hot at all, but I think she has just enough to warrant the face-thrusted-into-pillow hate fuck. Dirty accounting, rekindling old flings with her boss… I’m kinda hard. How are you not turned on by idea of throwing her up against the wall with the added excitement of Walt Jr. walking in on you. “Uh… Uh Myom, what’s going on hyere? Where’s Uncle H-H-Hank?”

Vote 1 for not touching it and 10 for bite the pillow, bitch.

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KFC Editor’s Note: Skyler is one of my most hated characters in television history.