Huff PoCould sex with robots help extend human life spans? Some futurists seem to think so. A Nov. 7 article on the futurist websiteTranshumanity argues that robot lovers could help extend life spans by giving users mind-blowing “longevity orgasms” far superior in quality to those from human “meat-bag” partners. The link between orgasms and health is not unexplored. Some have argued thatorgasms have significant health benefits, and “The Longevity Project,” a book about an eight-decade study of long-life factors, observed that women with higher frequency of orgasm during sex lived longer. But assuming robots can do it better than humans, is there necessarily a correlation between the quality of orgasm and longevity? Or is frequency of climax the most important factor? ”[Sexbots will] be more desirable, patient, eager, and altruistic than their meat-bag competition, plus they’ll be uploaded with supreme sex-skills from millennia of erotic manuals, archives and academic experiments, and their anatomy will feature sexplosive devices… They’ll offer us quadruple-tongued cunnilingus, open-throat silky fellatio, deliriously gentle kissing, transcendent nipple tweaking, g-spot massage & prostate milking dexterity, plus 2,000 varieties of coital rhythm with scented lubes.”

Read this straight up fascinating article about how the human race is gonna live longer and be happier because in the future everyone will just be fucking robots all day long. Just getting there rocks off 5, 6, 7 times a day with a robot. Which sounds absolutely amazing. Did you read that description? “Quadruple-tongued cunnilingus, open-throat silky fellatio, deliriously gentle kissing, transcendent nipple tweaking, g-spot massage & prostate milking dexterity.” Are you fucking kidding me? Pretty sure I just came from reading that. Open throat silky fellatio? G spot milking? Oh fuck yea. Could do without the nipple tweaking but whatever its all part of the package.

This article made it sound like in the future everyone will own fuck-robots the same way everyone owns a microwave now. Like we’ll reach a point where its crazy to even think about fucking another human and everything is all robotic and technological just like in Demolition Man. But for the time being, its obviously pretty rare. So my question is right now – if it was affordable – would you openly own a sex robot? Would you be ok just leaving your sex robot hanging out in the corner of your apartment and being known as the guy who fucks an android? I think if I was a single dude, I’d have no problem with it. Everyone knows you’re crackin stick 3 times a day anyway – might as well be the guy who’s with the times. Yea there might be some social stigma but while all these Neaderthal idiots are palm-fucking themselves to sleep at night, I’ll be getting Longevity Orgasms from open throat fellatio living to be 130 years old.

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PS – If the world really does accept sex robots women will become completely obsolete. Chicks better pray to everything holy that fuck-robots don’t catch on or they’ll be enslaved for the rest of eternity by men.