Knock my movie reviews all you want, but my “this guy looks like that guy” skills are uncanny. The fact that Dempster was “the big get” at the deadline is nothing short of embarrassing. The Yankees of old would have unloaded the farm for a guy like this, so personally, I’m not upset by how this played out. Cashman has been trying to send a message to the rest of the league the last couple of years that the Yankees are no longer willing to sell their soul for mediocre talent. Would have been nice to see Dempster bring some of those impressions to New York though. He would have MURDERED the Sterling impersonation.

In other news, Yankees did get Casey Mcgehee. That’s it for that. Don’t think I need to spend any time blogging that one. Some nice pop off the bench, but nothing earth shattering. Could turn out to be another nice supplementary addition by Cashman at the deadline. My money’s on “no,” but we’ll see.