Lohud.com- The Yankees were held without a home run and are now 0-11 when they don’t hit one. They’re the only team in the majors that has yet to win a game without hitting a home run, and this is the longest such losing streak to start a season in franchise history.

While this stat brought an initial shock, I’m really not that surprised to hear it. This is the team that the Steinbrenners put together. This is the style of baseball that sells. Chicks dig the long ball. This approach is all nice and good when your sluggers aren’t entering the twilight of their careers and are still dropping bombs at a Ruthian pace. But what happens when the power is no longer there and a team that has lived and died on the long ball for the past decade is asked to get base hits with runners in scoring position? You go 0-11, that’s what happens. This sort of offense is so dangerous. When they’re in a good streak, as they were before meeting the Angels buzz saw, you can see how they can rattle off a nice string of wins. Good pitching, for the most part, will always neutralize good hitting, however. And that’s why this team could be in trouble in the playoffs (if it even gets there). You’re not gonna be seeing Tyson Ross and Tommy Milone come October. The Fall nights will bring with them the proven dominance of guys like Justin Verlander and Jered Weaver – guys that are not prone to giving up the long ball.

There’s really nothing the team can do about it either. The core of the Yankees is built around the long ball and we, as fans, are going to have to ride it out until some of the once-slugger veterans are pushed out the door. Until then, we can only hope that if they do make the playoffs, someone pulls a 2009 A Rod and gets hot at the right time, carrying the team to number 28.