FundlyThis is an idea I have…Something new, from an angry, bitter, hurt sports fan.  I hate when my team signs a guy to a contract far too extravagant and get burned.  I hate it even more, when my team is held hostage by a player for a new contract due to poor ownership. I am tired of seeing Alex Rodriguez in a Yankee uniform.  His skills are declining at a pace where his skills will soon reach the low levels that match his personality.  If you are a Yankee fan who does not want to see the Yankees pay almost $30 million dollars for the next five years to a man whos skills will continue to decline…PLEDGE! If we can match A-Rod’s remaining salary, we can offer the Yankees the option of buying out A-Rod, while we donate the same amount to a charity in the Yankees name.  This helps us rid ourselves of A-Rod, and helps the Yankees eliminate an aging and declining player, while also helping the Yankees stay under the Luxary Tax.  Most importantly, it will donate almost $160 million dollars to charities throughout the country!

I’m gonna start a fund raiser to raise enough money so that I have the resources to hunt down every idiotic Yankees fan and kill them with my bare hands. They’ve spent the past 20 years preaching how money doesn’t matter. Who cares how much these guys make! Its not my money! We’re the Yankees! And now all the sudden is unbearable to have an aging superstar on the roster. And if I ever, ever, ever hear another Yankees fan refer to themselves as an “angry, bitter, and hurt sports fan” I will Murder/Death/Kill every person in sight from here to 161st street. You spoiled bitches cannot even begin to understand anger, bitterness or pain. Buncha fuckin babies.

That being said, its gonna be pretty entertaining watching this dude straight up steal a hundred million from the Yankees over the next 5 years. I could win $100,000,000 on a lottery ticket tomorrow and I’d probably earn that money more than Arod will between now and 2017