Terrible loss on the scoreboard and everywhere else. Physically nauseous seeing Jeter go down and thinking about the idea of not having him moving forward. No idea what the results are gonna be, but if Jeter is coming off the field like that, it’s serious. Just an awful night all around, but gotta stay positive. Could just be a badly rolled ankle, which would hopefully allow him to play tomorrow. And that would be really fucking helpful considering tomorrow is the season with Verlander lurking for game 3. Gonna go throw up now.

Update: The ankle is fractured. His season is over. The team has 2 options- lay down and die in the wake of this devastation or come together and use it to spark a run. Can’t even look that far ahead. Just an absolutely tragic night for Jeter and baseball in general. Yankee fan or not, you can’t not feel for him.