ESPNIf Alex Rodriguez is unable to play in 2013, or in a worst-case scenario is forced to retire because of the hip injury that will require surgery next month, it would not be a total loss for the Yankees. At least not financially. According to a baseball source with knowledge of the contract, the Yankees are insured for a good portion of the $114 million they owe Rodriguez over the next five seasons. According to the source, who has worked on similar contracts, it is likely that New York could recoup at least 75 percent, and perhaps as much as 100 percent, of the money it would still have to pay Rodriguez. However, Rodriguez would have to be disabled for at least a full season before the team could begin to collect on the policy it has with Team Scotti, a Pittsburgh-based insurance firm that provides insurance to Major League Baseball teams. It is unclear whether the contract, which runs through the 2017 season, is insured for its entire length. It is also unknown whether any exclusions were written into the policy that would void it in the instance of certain injuries, although at the time the Yankees signed Rodriguez to a 10-year, $275 million extension after his 2007 AL MVP season, he had been remarkably healthy, spending only three brief stints on the disabled list in his first 12 seasons and playing in all 162 games three of those years.

If the Yankees get off the hook for this shit I’m gonna be so goddam upset. One of the few guaranteed things I thought I had to bring me baseball joy the next 5 years was watching Arod collect 30 mil a year while playing 80 games and hitting 11 home runs every season. And now it turns out they may get out of it all. Of course it sounds like he needs to miss a full season but at the rate he’s decaying unless he hops back on the juice that won’t be so far fetched. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cashman put out a hit on him to cash in on this policy. Guy hated the contract from day 1 – probably planned on breaking his knees for the very beginning to get off the hook for the remaining 120 mil.

Meanwhile over in Flushing the Mets are still paying Bobby Bonilla in full. Why? Because you can’t take out an insurance policy on stupid, folks.