All the talk of why the Yankees are losing, what the Yankees are doing wrong, the A Rod situation, the lineup… The reality of the situation is the Tigers were the better team. Play this series 10 times and I’m sure the Yankees come away with the win at least a couple of those times. But the Tigers overall are just a better team. Younger, more dynamic hitting, lights out starting pitching, and the bullpen did just enough. We knew it all year. The Yankees were gonna live and die this post season on the home run, and when all your big hitters go cold at the hand of dominant pitching, that’s a terrible recipe for success. At least the team had to courtesy to hit us with the kill shot early on so I could get past the anger stage by the 7th. Full blown acceptance over here. Tigers are the better team and they played like it.

P.S.- All the acceptance in the world will not allow me to feel okay with the TBS crew and Verlander just having a gay old time in the 3rd inning. Yankee fan or not, completely unprofessional keeping Verlander on the air during the game rooting the Tigers on, laughing with the commentators as the runs rolled in. Boycott TBS! Just as I was almost sold on Cougartown too.