“It hurts,” Swisher said. “Sometimes, I’m a sensitive guy.”

Let me preface this by saying last night’s rant against the team may have been a little too heavily fueled by the emotions immediately following the loss. It’s just frustrating to watch a team with so much talent play more like 9 strangers who just met on the flight in than the cohesive group of guys that won 95 games this season. Everybody is swinging for the fences and trying to do more than they possibly can. None of these players are bad guys and it’s not like they’re trying to play like shit, but this is New York and the “what have you done for me lately?” mentality is the reason the franchise has 27 rings.

With that being said, I wonder what brand of tampons Nick Swisher uses. May even be the pads type. How fucking soft can you be? I mean if A Rod is even telling you you’re wrong, you’re in a bad, bad place. If you wanna make New York money, then New York criticism and New York pressure comes with it. SHOCKING that the fans are a little agitated with your 4 for 26 showing in the playoffs. Absolutely LUDICROUS you aren’t being showered with praise for your defense, which has lead to huge runs on several occasions. **Side Note- anyone who says Swisher missing that fly ball is why Jeter got injured is an idiot. Things happen and then other things happen. That’s life.**

Things are getting ugly in the Bronx. Swisher showing more fight in voicing his displeasure with Bald Vinny and the bleacher creatures than he has yet to show at the plate all playoffs. Fans turning on players. Some real unsavory shit going on. But you know what makes all this go away? You know what would help dry the tears, Nick? Winning. Shocking the world and beating Verlander. Bringing this series back to the stadium and proving you belong in this city. Fight the urge to Roger Marris yourself right out of town with these quotes and play within yourself. Tell that to Cano too because he’s getting about .01% of the shit he deserves for his playoff performance. I can understand slumping, but jogging down the line on your 12th ground out to first is unforgivable.