John absolutely crushing the Ken Griffey Jr. Slugfest tired pitcher keeling over look.

ESPN- Looking to add depth to their pitching options, the Yankees have signed former Mets right-hander John Maine to a minor league contract, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman confirmed.Maine, who hasn’t pitched in the major leagues since 2010, is expected to be insurance if he can make the contributions that saw him win as many as 15 games with the Mets five years ago. Since 2008, Maine has struggled with shoulder injuries. Last year, after posting a 7.43 ERA in 45 innings with the Colorado Rockies’ Triple-A team, he left the organization June. “He’s interested in trying to get back to the big leagues, so we will see,” Cashman said Friday. Maine, 31, will go to work for the Yankees in Tampa, Fla., at extended spring training. The Yankees have been a haven for such reclamation projects. Some pitchers have made it all the way back, like Bartolo Colon last year, and some have not, like former Cubs phenom Mark Prior. The Yankees also recently looked at Armando Galarraga, formerly of the Detroit Tigers. Galarraga, who came up one out short of a perfect game two years ago Detroit, ended up signing with the Houston Astros.

This is a low point for the Yankees. This is stained sweatpants and frozen snickers breakup stage levels of low. This signing pretty much confirms that yes, the panic button has been pushed in Yankee Universe, at least with regard to pitching. John Maine? John… Maine? I once made a bet a couple years ago with a Mets fan friend that John Maine would be a perennial all star. I once lost a bet. John Maine is one of the biggest cock teases in recent baseball memory. All the mechanics and fundamentals to be a stud pitcher in the game, but he had to cross paths with the Mets- the MLB equivalent to a Hollywood caught-on-camera drunken rant about Jews- just an absolute career killer. Not a fan of this move. Not a fan of this move one bit.

P.S.- They’re looking at Armando Galarraga also? Why stop there? What’s Nate Robertson up to? I think he threw 2 scoreless innings once.