Now I know yesterday was a game against the Colts so nobody is gonna give the Jets any credit. I guess we’ll just forget the the fact that they beat the Packers last week. But yea I get it – the Colts aren’t exactly the best barometer for NFL competition. But I’m looking at the bigger picture here, which is this – when the rest of this team steps up and does their jobs, Mark Sanchez does what he needs to do. Yesterdays game looked like 2009 and 2010 when Ground and Pound was in effect and Mark managed every game and played within the system to win. I don’t wanna say he shined yesterday because 11/18 for 82 yards isn’t exactly Pro Bowl material. But Mark Sanchez never has been that, and he’s never gonna be that. He may not have lit the world on fire yesterday but he played that game exactly how he should have and guided his offense to a monster win. Its amazing what happens when you give the guy a running game and a few receivers stepping up and making plays for him, huh? He got all the blame when absolutely nobody else was doing their jobs. Now that Shonn Greene and the rest of the offense decided to join the 2012 season I think he deserves some of the credit for leading them.

So now here we stand – 6 weeks into the season and sitting atop the AFC East with 2 division wins – with yesterday being the first game we’ve really seen the potential of this team. Week 1 at Buffalo was an indicator as well but yesterday was the first time we saw Shonn Greene and the rest of the running game have a pulse. The first time we saw the Jets D own their opposition like they used to. The first time we saw Sanchez relax like he didn’t have the weight of the world on his shoulders any more and lead his offense. Fuck even the first time we saw Tebow contribute in a positive way. I know Weeks 2 through 5 was nothing to brag about, but yesterday could potentially be this team turning a corner. Next up – at New England against Tom Brady and Belichick. Some injuries to the ground game is gonna hurt and playing at Foxboro is never a walk in the park – but I view next week as an opportunity. Nobody expects you to win but if you do, the entire season is different. Embrace that.