I’m not one of those people that believe in “moral victories” or taking positives away from a loss. I wanna puke when I think about yesterday. The Jets did a lot of positive things yesterday but all I can seem to remember is the negatives. The Stephen Hill drop and the Sanchez interception and the fumble to end the game just to name a few. Practically gift wrapped that win for New England with the safety and allowing that kick off return. We showed the heart and determination to erase a 13 point lead. Had the grit and fight to come within inches of taking down Brady and Belichick at home. But the execution just wasn’t there. And in the NFL, execution is everything. Bottom line is the offense had a chance to put this game away, the defense had a chance to put this game away, and neither could execute to get it done. That was a win that could have completely changed this season and it slipped right through our Stephen Hill’ fingers.

Now all that being said, theres more to take away from a football game then the final score. And I think the main thing you can take away from yesterday’s game besides the scoreboard is that everyone in the division, and really the conference, for that matter, is mediocre. Yesterday was like two average teams trying to give away a W. The Pats pulled it off but the last few weeks, and really the whole season, haven’t shown that late game clutch execution we’ve grown accustomed too. Every week they play average football and people are shocked and surprised, chalk it up to a fluke. Well we’re 7 weeks in. Maybe this is just the type of team the Pats are. The Jets don’t have the personnel to be considered elite. And the Bills are the Bills and the Dolphins are the Dolphins. You look around the rest of the conference and aside from the Texans and an injured and confusing Ravens team, everyone else is clustered at .500. The point being that the entire AFC stumbling out of the gates have afforded the Jets some time. Over the first 7 weeks Rex and Sparano have been figuring out who this team is and how they’re gonna play. Mixing and matching different players with different schemes. They’ve been able to stumble their way through this without losing any ground because of everyone else’s mediocrity. If the Jets show the same grit and fight they showed yesterday throughout the rest of the season, they’ll be right there when it comes time to snag a post season spot. They just need to start showing more on the execution side of things to get that done.