WOWK - A brawl cuts a high school playoff game short and the fate of some players is unknown. Witnesses at the game say that a fight broke out between the two teams with 14.6 seconds left in the game. They say at least one player was tased by a South Charleston police officer and several others were maced. We will have a crew at the WVSSAC meeting tomorrow, where they may be discussing the repercussions for certain players. That could have an affect on South Charleston for the next playoff game against Brooke. South Charleston won the game 30-26.

I’ve been looking for the cop with the taser and pepper spray for like 20 minutes now.  Seriously I’m on view number 300 trying to find the cop pepper spraying people.  Where the fuck is the cloud?  Can somebody help me out here?  I feel like one of those assholes that stares at one of those 3D paintings for an hour looking for the flying spaceship but just sees squiggles.       Regardless I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.  Like it’s high school football playoffs.   Sometimes you brawl.  Sometimes you get pepper sprayed and tased.   Get over it Charleston.