KfabOmaha Police arrested Scott Thursday afternoon. He’s accused of assaulting his girlfriend last weekend.  The woman claims that Scott attacked her after she said she did not like the movie they just watched at a theatre.  After arriving at their apartment,  the woman claims that Scott pushed her, hit her in the face and tried to strangle her. The woman claims Scott said that “It’s time for you to die like O.J.”, referring to the O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson case.  Scott left, but returned later.  The woman says Scott put her in a headlock and  claims that he ripped off two of her fake fingernails. The woman went to police Saturday afternoon to report the incident.  Scott has had a varied career.  He’s been a news anchor twice in Omaha, at KMTV and KETV, stints in LA, Texas, Charlotte and Huntsville, a reporter for Entertainment Tonight, and an unsuccessful candidate for the House of Representives in 1998. Scott was also the unwitting star of a classic YouTube viral video

Domestic abuse is never a laughing matter.

Unless of course its at the hands of a viral video youtube star who drops one of the greatest pre-murder war cries the world has ever heard. “Its time for you to die like OJ!” is about the cockiest thing an attempted murderer can drop. You better bring the fucking heat with your murder if you invoke The Juice before you start. Thats like Babe Ruth calling his shot or Namath guaranteeing his Super Bowl win.

And I don’t wanna act like any women ever deserves to be put in a headlock but people who complain that they don’t like the movie you picked out need to be put in their place. Hey toots, you think I wanted to watch a shitty movie? You think I picked that movie out knowing ahead of time that it completely sucked? Sorry I couldn’t snap my fingers and make sure Hollywood lives up to your expectations. Sorry not every movie is as funny as my viral video that captivated the world. I’m Michael fucking Scott! I’m not afraid of anything or anyone except that fucking lizard! Its time to die like OJ!