Huff PoA beef over chicken is the excuse a man in Zimbabwe is using to explain why he assaulted his wife. Jabulani Ncube, 40, said he was angry when his wife, Nomusa Sibanda, 24, served chicken for dinner, but saved the breast and one drumstick for herself, leaving her husband the gizzard, wings and the other drumstick, The Telegraph reported. Local traditions apparently dictate the tastiest parts of the chicken — the back, breasts and drumsticks — be reserved for the man of the house, according to Enraged, Ncube assaulted his wife, who took refuge with her grandmother. The following morning, Ncube reported his wife’s poultry transgression to a tribal court. She was found guilty and fined one chicken for the offense, reported. In addition, Sibanda’s grandmother, Gogo MaDawu, was also docked a chicken by tribal chieftains for failing to teach her granddaughter “how to treat her husband and dish out meals.” Ncube continued to crow about his legal victory afterwards and along with accusing his wife of being “uncultured and disrespect­ful” he threatened to seek divorce if she gave him crummy chicken pieces again

If it wasn’t for the very high, high probability of getting AIDS and/or getting my limbs chopped off by some sort of blood diamond Kony Militia, I’d move to Africa in a heartbeat. Any place where the women not only have to cook for you, but have to keep the best parts for their man, is A-OK in my book. Would love to know whats going through Nomusa Sibanda’s head when she served her husband the gizzards of a chicken. Did she think Jabulani wasn’t gonna notice? Did she think he was gonna watch you chowing down on the succulent chicken breast while he gnawed on bird guts? I mean this chick is as stupid as she was disobedient. You think I wouldn’t notice when my mom makes me bologna sandwich and gives me the ends of the loaf of bread while she had the soft fluffy slices 4 or 5 pieces in? You think I wouldn’t realize when she gave me the crunchy ends of the meatloaf as she eats the tender juicy middle? For sure not. If my mom was that stupid I’d fine her one chicken too.

PS – What a power move by the Zimbabwe tribal courts to go over the top and punish the grandmother as well. Going 2 generations back to blame the uncultured, disrespectful woman who created this selfish chicken monster wife. That will teach bitches to raise independent women.