DMWhether it’s for an extravagant proposal or just a sing-a-long surprise, entertaining flash mobs typically lift people’s spirits. However, a flash mob in Florida on Saturday night was decidedly more sinister. A gang of about 300 teenagers mobbed a Wal-Mart in Jacksonville where they ran wild, destroyed $1,500 of property, started a food fight and fired gun-shots, according to police reports.

Pretty ballsy of WalMart to pretend this isn’t business as usual. Acting like 300 black kids running around and destroying property and shooting guns isn’t just a day in the life of low low prices? C’mon, Smiley. We know the truth. I’ve been to WalMart before. Bunch of dudes with blue vests and an IQ of a retarded kids cum who couldn’t give a fuckless about anything. Notice how there wasn’t a single employee trying to stop it? They were all like “OK, we’ll throw a few cases of watermelons out there to distract them then hide in the break room. Ready and go!” Can’t fault them for that. Only so long you can work at a store that’s some kind of weird combination of a Klan meeting and a Freedom Trail stop before you realize maybe that 20% off lawn chair isn’t worth risking your life to protect.