You know what’s crazy? It’s actually more riveting at this point to watch the G-Men struggle against a squad like Cleveland or Tampa Bay instead of playing a supposed NFC juggernaut looking to expose them as frauds. Besides Carolina, the two biggest ass-whippings Big Blue have dished out were at Frisco and now against Green Bay. I thought these were supposed to be competitive games between the NFC’s elite? I was under the impression that teams who claimed their exits from the playoffs were flukes would actually put up a little bit of a fight to prove their points the next time paths crossed.

The Packers were hot, huh? 5 in a row? Maybe a streak including STL, Jax, AZ & Detroit isn’t all that impressive. Sure, all those wins are better than getting romped by Cincy, but they don’t mean a thing when it comes to being the team to beat. Everyone claimed the Giants’ first Super Bowl W over New England was luck…until they did it again. San Fran were the early kings of the conference this year after decimating the Jets & Bills by a combined 79-3…until they outdid their 2011 finale with a 26-3 loss against the G-Men. Now comes Green Bay ready to back up their “The fact is, [the Giants] didn’t beat us; we beat ourselves” mantra…only to get their asses discount double-checked worse than the initial beating. Just getting old & boring now. All it took was a perfectly timed bye week & the facade of a legitimate threat to get Big Blue healthy & clicking on both sides of the ball again. Thanks, cheesedicks.

In true Blue fashion though, there’s gotta be some adversity to come from a 38-10 thrashing. After a night of fellating myself to the possibilities of a healthy Ahmad Bradshaw (10 carries, 58 yards & a TD)/Andre Brown rushing tandem (13 carries, 64 yards & a TD), the Giants suffer a devastating blow & lose Brown to a broken leg. Not only is it a shitty hand dealt to a dude who finally found some success after being cut from team after team, but it puts a frail Bradshaw right back into the role of workhorse that seemed to break him down after the win over the Niners 6 weeks ago. Hard to believe he’ll hold up, but a MNF beatdown of the Skins will give a nice division cushion & could go a long way toward Coughlin allowing David Wilson to pick up some slack.