Welp thats it folks. Losing 10 out of 11 to start the second half. 2 games under .500. Santana’s arm about to fall off, Dillon Gee with blood clots, the worst bullpen in the history of the sport. And that magical offense that was playing with fire for the first half of the year, living off two out rallies and timely hitting – well that carriage has turned back into a fuckin pumpkin.

Its not even just a losing streak to start the second half. Its the manner in which they’ve done it. Implosions and collapses. Sloppy play and mental errors. Losing games on wild pitches. Just classic New York Mets shit. And most importantly, this team is just not built to withstand 162 games and bounce back from skids like this. They fought it off several times before, but they’ve been playing with fire. And a bunch of home grown no names making the league minimum hustling their asses off is admirable – but they just simply aren’t good enough to make a serious run.

You know what the funniest part of all of this is? Through 91 games the Mets had the same exact record this year as they did last year. 46-45. Yet last year was all doom and gloom and this year all the talk was how it was magical and special. Amazing what some PR spin, the media, and some likable players can do to change the public opinion of a franchise.

So, my nightmare is officially complete. The Mets were able to fight long enough for the Wilpon’s to sell enough tickets, steal enough headlines, and dupe fans into thinking this team is a contender. They contended long enough to justify the cheap ass lineup the Wilpon’s have been trotting out there. Probably just long enough that they can say “this team is built for the future” and they’ll ride out with this same squad next season. Just wallowing in mediocrity, for all eternity. Meet the Mets!