Here we go again.  Game 7.  Another do or die night at Madison Square Garden.  Yesterday’s 2-1 loss to the Washington Capitals did nothing but damage to the confidence of Ranger nation.  The Blueshirts looked tired and slow as they were thoroughly outworked by a desperate Caps team.  The power play was terrible, no passes were crisp, and everyone was on a different page as their one chance to end the series comfortably was squandered in a painful sixty minute disgrace of a hockey game.  They looked flat, plain and simple.  Offensively inept and defensively drained.  One hopes that the extra day of rest before Saturday’s deciding contest helps them get back to game one form, but at this point I’m simply expecting the worst.  Can’t be confident.  Can’t be excited.  Can’t hold out hope when clearly one team wants it more.  It’s not over yet, but try telling that to my sunken stomach and half broken heart.  Live by the Rangers, die by the Rangers.

So we’ll wallow for a day, which will turn into straight anxiety come Friday, and by Sunday morning our fate will be known.  Devils or death.  I can’t say that I didn’t half expect this, especially after that mush KFC called it post-loss of game 4.  We just need everyone from Lundqvist to Bickel bringing the fucking heat on Saturday night.  We need Cally and Gabby and everyone in blue burning for every loose puck and banging every body because if they don’t win this game, it will haunt us all summer.  Maybe forever.  Let’s just hope we got home ice advantage for a reason… @Osgood_StoolNYC

PS – Selling Game 7 tickets?  Hit me up and we’ll see if the stoolie ticket exchange can’t find you a willing buyer.  LGR.