Daily Mail – Boys and girls who looked no older than five or six-years-old were tasked with swinging on beams, hanging from pairs of rings and bounding across floor mats during the physically strenuous training sessions. The youngsters at the same training school will be hoping to emulate the success of 16-year-old swimming sensation Ye Shewin, who glided into the record books on Saturday night. Only last January harrowing photographs were posted on the internet showing Chinese children crying in pain as they were put to work. In case they had forgotten why they were there, a large sign on the wall reminded them. ‘GOLD’ it said simply.

I remember when I was a little kid learning how to swim. I would Doggie Paddle to my father. And every time I was about to reach him he would back up a couple steps and make me keep swimming. Instead of just swimming a few feet I’d end up swimming the whole length of the pool. And I remember being like “Are you crazy motherfucker! I could have drown back there! We’re half way to the deep end for God’s sake.”

And then I look at these little Chinese kids. People stepping on their legs and shit. 6 packs by the time they’re 6. Dangling from torture racks and shit. Kinda makes me think that whole doggie paddle thing wasn’t so bad. Best part is the Chinese are probably gonna say that little girl getting stepped on is 16 years old and she’ll be eligible in Rio in 2016. Have fun breaking rocks in an internment camp when you don’t come home with gold!

Fuckin China. Place sucks.