Godzirra in the house! Kotaro Kiyomiya, the Japanese Babe Ruth. I heard a couple weeks ago that Hideki Matsui got DFAd by the Rays. Are we positive he didn’t get sent down to Japanese Little League?  Because this motherfucker is a MONSTER. These poor Caribbean kids from Curacao can’t even get a piece of his gas. He hit 60 bombs in 50 games. He’s gotta be the greatest Little League player of all time right? Could use a little work on that Engrish though, bro. How do you feel about your pitches? “They’re very far?” Whatever you say, big man. Just keep your head on a swivel for Mothra.

PS – How bad do you feel for the Japanese catcher? Kid is probably like 4 foot 1, 85 pounds. Probably only a yellow belt in Karate right now. And he’s gotta be the backstop for this Japanese man amongst boys.

As I was writing this, this little Curacao fucker got DRILLED.

Thought he was dead for sure. Don’t be surprised if that kid has some sort of delayed concussion Jason Bay shit going on.