CBS SPortsMichael Jordan and Charles Barkley, two key members of USA Basketball’s 1992 “Dream Team,” have smacked down an assertion by Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant that the 2012 USA Basketball team could beat the Barcelona gold medalists. Yahoo Sports notes that Bryant told reporters in Las Vegas that he thought his London Olympics teammates could “pull it out” against the 1992 squad. “Well, just from a basketball standpoint, they obviously have a lot more size than we do — you know, with [David] Robinson and [Patrick] Ewing and [Karl] Malone and those guys,” Bryant said. “But they were also — some of those wing players — were also a lot older, at kind of the end of their careers. We have just a bunch of young racehorses, guys that are eager to compete.  “So I don’t know,” Bryant continued, the trace of a smile beginning to play its way across his face. “It’d be a tough one, but I think we’d pull it out.”

The Associated Press reports Jordan’s response.

Jordan told The Associated Press Thursday that he laughed – “I absolutely laughed” – when hearing Bryant’s comments that the squad training in Las Vegas could take Jordan and company.

Jordan said there’s “no comparison” which team is better.

“For him to compare those two teams is not one of the smarter things he ever could have done,” Jordan said prior playing in a celebrity golf tournament in Charlotte. reported Barkley’s response, given to Philadelphia radio station 97.5, which was similar.

“Oh yeah, that’s no disrespect,” Barkley said. “I ain’t got to badmouth them. But like I said, their point guards weren’t going to beat us. That’s a no-brainer.”

“I just started laughing,” Barkley said. “How old is Kobe Bryant? He’s 34? And he’s calling us old? At the time, we were only like 28, 29. Michael Jordan and me were the same age. We were both 29. … Other than Kobe, LeBron (James) and Kevin Durant, I don’t think anybody else on that team makes our team.

I know Kobe was just trying to talk up his own team. And I know that nobody on the planet earth except for Mo agrees with him. So I’m not gonna sit here and go through all the reasons why a team filled out with Tyson Chandler, Andre Iguodola, James Harden and Lamarcus Aldridge couldn’t hang with 11 Hall of Famers.

I just love the fact that Jordan and Barkley had no problem laughing in his face. Like a handful of the other superstars would have been polite and supportive of Team USA and would have spun it to say they are cheering on America to win a Gold Medal. Instead Jordan and Barkley are just like “These guys fucking suck.” Love it. Two of the most competitive monsters ever. I feel like you could throw the Dream Team on the court present day and they’d still be able to compete with these soft ass superstars of the NBA now. Lebron and Westbrook and Carmelo are more concerned with their  pre and post game outfits and Dwight Howard is busy trying to force a trade to Team Canada. It would be the Greatest Basketball Team Of All Time vs some athletic prima donnas.

PS – Chris Mullin looks like someone spread cream cheese all over his body.