(Newser) – Michael Phelps is head-over-heels for his leggy new girlfriend, but his pals fear he’ll be devastated if she’s just using him for fame and fortune, Radar Online reports. “Michael is like a puppy dog” around Megan Rossee, a source says. “He’s completely in love with her.” But the part-time model and cocktail waitress is “hoping to make it in Hollywood, she’s ambitious and knows that by associating herself with Michael she will get a lot of press herself.” Now that Rossee has gained attention by supporting Phelps at the Olympic trials in Omaha and the London Olympics, friends fear she’ll move up the LA boyfriend ladder. “Michael adores everything about Megan, she’s athletic, makes him laugh and she’s obviously drop dead gorgeous,” says an insider. “But what happens when the buzz of the Olympics dies down and life goes back to normal? Will she want to date a retired swimmer?”

Lets get one thing straight – none of Michael Phelps’ real friends are worried about him. Do you know why? Because the whole fucking reason guys get rich and famous in the first place is that that hot chicks use them for their money and fame. Michael Phelps’ ain’t vulnerable. His plan is working to perfection.

He’s the goofiest looking dude in the world. Looks like something out of a science fiction novel. He’s a swimmer, which, until he came along, didn’t exactly make the bitches wet. But he’s won 20 medals, he’s worth $40 million, and now he gets to fuck smokeshows. You think Michael Phelps doesn’t know why Megan Rossee is fucking him? I’m pretty sure he knows it has more to do with the 16 Gold Medals and the super stardom than it does the fact that he’s a dead ringer for Walt Jr. I’m sure if you were to be like “Michael she only loves you because you’re famous!” he’d be like no fucking kidding dude thats the reason I got famous.

As far as I know, Michael Phelps has essentially been traveling the world for the past 8 years ripping bowls and fucking chicks. I’m pretty sure he knows a thing or two about how this whole “Being famous and getting pussy” thing works.