Pussies jump up. Warriors get down.

Fire & Ice -“We’re playing a different team defensively than maybe the Flyers.  I think they’re a lot more in our shooting lanes for our (defensemen), so we’ve just got to find ways to try to expose them a little more. We’ve done it in the regular season. Right now, they’re hot. They’re blocking pucks. Hopefully we’ll be able to hurt a few guys hitting one-timers off their foot and their head or something. Right now, they’re paying the price to win and that’s what playoff hockey is all about.” – Marty Brodeur

Well, well, well.  We knew New Jersey would make some adjustments after getting thoroughly outworked through Monday’s third period.  With more blocked shots for Rangers skaters than saves by Hank, it’s clear that the Devils need to find shooting lanes and get pucks on net.  Or, they can take Marty’s advice and start firing pucks at players’ faces.  Sick suggestion, sister-fucker.  Just start cranking your one-timers right into our skates to see how many feet bones you can shatter.  Victory by injury – what a genius plan.

Bro, don’t you know what team you’re playing?  You think some snipes to the skates are going to stop the Blueshirts?  These Rangers have been blocking shots with game seven intensity since the first day of the season.  It’s not just their playoff M.O. it’s their team’s whole freaking identity.  They live to sacrifice the body like Gumdrop lives for all-you-can-eat buffets.  Give a guy like Brian Boyle the choice between a mangled face and a playoff win and he’ll choose the win every single time and twice on Sundays.  Dudes like Prust would without hesitation pull every tooth from their mouth with a rusty skate blade if it meant lifting Lord Stanley.  You want to waste some of your shots duck hunting for exposed skin?  Bring it the fuck on.  Every puck to the skate is another one that’s not in the net so I can guarantee you won’t hear the Rangers, or my-safe-from-harm-self, complaining about it.  @Osgood_StoolNYC

Gumdrop’s Take:  “Damn, it’s the only time I’ll ever wish Sean Avery was still playing hockey…”