NYDNEveryone has an opinion on the Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow quarterback “controversy.” Now President Obama does too. The leader of the free world weighed in on the Jets signal callers on 97.1 The Fan in Columbus on Thursday. ”I gotta tell you, I don’t like the idea of a quarterback controversy at the start of a season,” Obama said. “So if I was a Jets fan, I’d be pretty nervous. Sanchez is not Tom Brady yet, but he led them to the playoffs two years in a row. I think Tim Tebow seems to be a wonderful young man, and he’s got just a great winning attitude. He really steps up when things count.” ”But there’s going to be a lot of tension in that situation,” Obama added. “So it’ll be pretty interesting to see how it plays itself out.”

Oh really, POTUS? You think there’s gonna be tension? You’d be nervous? Hey Obama – fuck you! Did you see the Jets practice yesterday?? It would be pretty impossible to miss it because its being live streamed on like every major network. But in case you were too busy let me fuck you up with some truth:

Thats right, bro. Tebow scored a touchdown in practice. A real life, full blown training camp touchdown. So I ask you this, Mr. President – where’s your quarterback controversy now? Are you still nervous? Because Tim Tebow has clearly arrived. Sounds like you know as much about the NFL as you do about the economy, pal. Stick to women’s college basketball bracketology every March and leave the NFL coverage to the Daily News and the Post. Clearly they know what they’re doing.